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Post  Lodes159 on Sat May 26, 2012 8:14 am

ok this game you really need to be clever on this game you must try and find a way to be king of the hill and then it is sort of a battle to be king of the hill. Here is an example.

1: Lodes159 walks up the hill shoting "king of the hill!'
2: person2 walks up the hill pushs Lodes159 down and says "king of the hill"
3: Lodes159 walks back up the hill and gives person to luaghing powder person2 is now luahging so hard that he falls off the hill Lodes159 says "king of the hill
4: person3 went up the hill and told Lodes159 thhat it was wrong to do that so Lodes159 went down the hill to say sorry person3 says "king of the hill"

ok now that you know how to play we can begin I will start:

Lodes159 runs up the lonly hill fo rthe first time ever and claims "king of the hill!"

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